The Time Trial

When road racing was banned in 1890 cyclists had to get creative to keep competing in the UK. With the thinking that individual riders would be less conspicuous to the Police, a system was designed to set riders off at specific intervals. Taking place on courses referred to in code and with riders dressed all in black the very first time trials took place. 

Now, nearly 130 years on, the Open time trial is a uniquely British event. Taking place at the crack of dawn on Sundays riders sign on around the country to punish themselves over 10, 25 and 50 miles. The courses still maintain their baffling codes but the black outfits have been replaced with skinsuits, trip socks and silly helmets. Style sacrificed to the aero gods in the chase for seconds. 

We sponsored the latest Open put on by our local cycling club Tornado RCC. It was a great event with some monstrous times put out over 10 miles that we at Sunday Club HQ can only dream of. We look forward to taking part in many more. 


Pictured: James Bowman on his way to victory, smashing the course record in the process.