Welcome to Sunday Club Clothing

 Cycling clothing designed for those that want something a bit different. 

To us, the Sunday club run represents everything we love about cycling. It can be fast, slow or in-between. It's a sprint to the sign post or the race to the top of the climb. Whether it's two riders or an entire peloton, the Sunday club run is about enjoying yourself above anything else. We took that ethos and made it central to everything we do here. 


We make unique cycling kits.
Each season is different to the last, evolving with our designer's tastes and influences. Once a style has sold out, it's gone for good. 
Our kits are designed for all day comfort without sacrificing performance. Made from premium technical fabrics with an uncompromising commitment to quality in everything we do. 





We live in beautiful surroundings.

Our kits are designed on the south coast of England. We can go from the coast, to the forest and then to the rolling hills of the English countryside in one ride. 

Our main passion is to ride bikes, and have fun doing it. Join the club.